Getting Stronger! non-running days!

Happy Tuesday


Today’s non-running accomplishment:
strength training to the sound of rain

Why is listening to rain so peaceful?  I just love it.  At 5:20am it started POURING.  It wasn’t a light drip drop drip drop sound, but more like gushing down the rain gutter sound.  It was so refreshing!

I felt like all the stuff was being washed away.  From my mind, from the roof, from the roads, etc.  Then it became this lighter rain sound… a more serene sound.


It was just so nice to listen to the sound of rain while I did my exercise.  Instead of exercising, I wished I could be sitting outside in the front porch drinking a hot cup of cocoa and watching the rain.  But…I did my routine.

30 minutes of ab/core workout

30 lunges w/weight

squat series (same as usual.  10 sumo, 10 regular, 10 side bends: 5 repeats.  the 5th round, instead of just 10, I do 15) w/weight

arm curls

Then I tried something different that I found on YouTube Blogilates workout but didn’t do the whole thing- since I was already running out of time.  I did the arm part at the end.  I thought my arms were on fire!

rain mei

I was done!

The rain cleared up by the time I left home so it wasn’t bad of a drive (I don’t know about the mainland, but people just forget how to drive when it starts raining.  I hate driving in the rain because of that.)

I kinda wish it would start raining again when I get home so I can get back to the whole let’s watch it rain chill time.  I need to feel refreshed again!

happy sign

Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday! (or had one..)

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