Rain rain go away

Today was a rest day for this mama. 

I was still pooped from yesterday! I guess the run plus walking around a lot just got me super tired.

Last night, after dinner we went to go see the movie: 

It was a cute movie! The kids loved the animals and they were talking nonstop about which pet was their favorite.

Today’s weather was…. Bad.  Not a beach day so instead of going to the beach we wanted to go to, we turned around and went the opposite direction to another beach.  It was sunny/cloudy/scattered shower.  A little bit of rain doesn’t stop anyone from going to a beach.

We did our one hour of stand up paddling, got the kids to do cannonballs from the boards, then paddled some more.

I think I will be sore tomorrow 🙂

Got these for dessert.  Normally after a beach day, we stop by an ice cream shop for some yummy treats but with all this Hepatitis A outbreak going on right now (yes, they had a bunch of Hepatitis A outbreak case) I’d rather play it safe and eat these at home. 

It’s making us enjoy our meals at home like this dinner we had the other night to prep us for the long run: 

Tofu cube steaks, salmon, veggies pasta. 

And we’re hooked on this hot sauce: 

It’s hot but the taste is just amazing! We have to go back to Whole Foods again to get some more!!

Guess it’s a good thing we’re eating at home- yummy home cooked meals are the best.  Saves us money and I know what I’m putting in to our bodies.

This week’s accomplishment:

Monday: 6.01 miles @ 8:33/mi 

Tuesday: strength training 

Wednesday: 7.65 miles @ 8:47/ mi

Thursday: yoga 

Friday: rest day/minor core workout

Saturday: 13.01 miles @ 9:58/mi

Sunday: rest day

This week’s total mileage: 26.67 miles 

Hope you had a nice relaxing Sunday! 

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