North Shore 13 mile run

Phew wee that run was a looooong run.  

During the run, I think I went through like a whole cycle of emotions: nervous (at the very beginning)–> happy & enjoying the run –> worried that the route isn’t going to get us to the correct mile turnaround (and ended up being that way- hate when that happens) –> angry (why am I doing this?!) –> pessimistic (really, can I even do this?) –> optimistic (okay, I went over 11.27 miles so I can stop anytime) –> drained (why is this last mile taking forever to finish?!)

I don’t know how and why people love long runs. 

I just don’t get it.

It’s a total mystery.  During the entire run, I was vowing to never run long distance again.  And then an hour after the run, (after feeling a bit better cuz when I finished, I sure wasn’t feeling the greatest ) I was thinking about the next run.  

My goal was to run 13 miles and under 10/mi average pace.  Yippededoo I accomplished both! I didn’t finish with a huge smile on my face but I did it.

Next weekend, I’ll probably plan for a 10 mile run just so I don’t get (mentally) burned out.

I need a good enjoyable (somewhat) long run.  

Passing up some beach along the way! 

Can’t see this little guy clearly but it’s the bright green/yellow/red lizard! The samurai house! If you’ve been to the North Shore, you know which house I’m talking about!Our usual- gotta finish the run with this cold pressed juice! 
Then with the entire gang- we went to the Haleiwa Arts Festival:

Kids got to make some cool stuff with clay! (And for free!)

Kids got their shaved ice- they ordered a small but the friendly guy here gave them a large snow cone. Hehe gotta love these local Aloha spirit šŸ™‚ 
Our usual again! Haha! All the 1000 calories I burned today- it’s back again! (I did share this with Mr. B).

Hope everyone had a nice Saturday! 

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