Getting Stronger! non-running days!

Aloha Friday!

aloha friday

It’s Aloha Friday! No Work till Monday!

Today’s non-running, non-exercise accomplishment:

pretty much nothing other than I slept in a little longer than normal, got ready for work, did 20 pushups and a few core workouts for like 5-10 minutes…

I feel lazy when this happens but I had to listen to my body- it was telling me I should just take it easy today.

Tomorrow- we’re planning on a long slow run for 12-13 miles (depending on how I feel.  Mr. B (husband) will be okay since he’s a trooper and pushes through all these runs…even though he does say that his knees hurt).

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my day budgeting- my favorite thing to do 🙂
I love just punching in the numbers, writing things down, planning, marking off the goals that are accomplished, kicking myself in the butt when things aren’t met, etc. etc.

I love using Google Sheets for all the budget stuff cuz I find it easy to just take a look on my phone too.  I really should’ve taken more classes and got certified to become a financial planner or even a managerial accountant.  (My major was in International Business and Economics and then later, I got my MBA.)  Back then, I thought something as general as intn’l business and economics + MBA will be good enough but now, I think I should’ve been more specific.

Anyway, I created the sheet for race plans for 2016 and after seeing how much we’ve spent on just the race registration, it was little bit of a shock.

race schedule capture

Still haven’t signed up for the Gunstock Ranch half marathon (this is still up in the air) so the total amount will either exceed $1081 or remain the same.

race plan 2017

  1. Keiki Great Aloha Run
  2. Great Aloha Run
  3. Pineapple Run
  4. Run Star Fun Trail
  5. Honolulu Marathon

I think those 5 races are a must for next year (unless Mr. B opposes to this idea).  I love #1 because we get these cute free eco bags (so each year, we get 4.  I might as well start giving them away for random drawing on this blog if anyone is interested…)

eco bag

and (this should be the main reason) the kids get to run 2 miles!

I think they’re ready for another 5k so maybe we’ll add a few (cheaper) 5K so they can participate in a timed race.  They really enjoyed the Freedom Run because of that.

Instead of Hapalua Half Marathon, I think next year, I’d like to try the Hibiscus Half Marathon because the course map looked more appealing.  You’re still running the diamond head route but it’s in the beginning of the race compared to the Hapalua.

hibiscus race map

hapalua half marathon race map

I don’t necessarily enjoy running the Kalanianaole Hwy road (at the Hibiscus or at the Honolulu Marathon) but I think it’s better than doing the Diamond Head at the very end.  Plus, the Diamond Head route was different for Hapalua- I felt like it was a longer uphill than the Hibiscus or the Honolulu Marathon.

I also enjoyed the Honolulu Ekiden Marathon Relay because of the refreshments at the end.  Everything was so yummy!!!  (I shared this photo before in another post, but here you go again)

img_3830If we can just get a good team and all train for this, it would be kinda cool to do that race again.
(Our kids actually thought we would win a trip to Japan at this race!  They had other really great prizes too.  But…we didn’t win anything. boo.)

I’m forecasting about $1000 again for the race registration in 2017.   I wonder if we can keep it under budget or not.  We shall see! Plus, 2017 will be a year of spending. boo. boo. boo.  But it’s all worth it.  I usually make the plan for the upcoming year a couple of months in advance so I can see what’s coming up and how much each event/thing will cost.  This actually helped us out a lot this year.

Plans for this weekend:

  • long run
  • errands
  • SUP at the beach

Hope everyone has a great Aloha Friday and a relaxed weekend!




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