Happy Thursday


One more day until the weekend!

Today’s non-running accomplishment:
Yoga Morning
Started with the usual- I sit down with my palm facing down in the beginning to feel the energy from within, and just try to collect my thoughts before I start.  I do some neck and side stretches too.

Sun salutation A and B- today, I did an extra sun salutation B (you do this 5 times each) just because I felt like my first round of ssB didn’t feel right.

Then went on to practicing the half primary series (unfortunately, I don’t have the time for full primary series and I am not “there” yet with my skills).

I was thinking about “Ha” (breath of life or essence of life, usually with the long a sound) and breathing (like the ujjayi breathing)- how it feels good to just breathe in and out.  That simple thing in life- what we do every day without thinking, it felt good to actually focus on it.  From this led to my thoughts on simple living.

When we were living in Japan, my husband was gone a lot on business trip, and I was busy with being a mom, working full time, studying (got my master’s degree in Japan during this time), and being the president for the support group (community thing).

With this super busy schedule, I barely had time to catch my breath.  I was running around like a crazy hen and all I wanted was a slow life.

Once our move to Hawaii was confirmed, I was looking forward to the slow life in the State of Aloha- where we lived a few years ago.  I thought it would be all nice and relaxed…. but when I look at our schedules, it’s definitely not an easy, relaxed, and slow life I had envisioned! It wasn’t the place (Japan or Hawaii or anywhere else for that matter), it was how we lived our lives…

So to step back and truly enjoy each moment, I’m really appreciating this once or twice a week of yoga mornings.  It stops me from running, stops me from worrying too much about everything (which I am very good at doing), and stops me from being so overwhelmed.

Asana for today: Shirhsasana (head stand) and Uttanapadasana (fish pose)

Shirshasana (Headstand Pose)
(image: yoga )

I still use a wall to support myself and I’m getting a little better about keeping my legs up without the wall but that only lasts for like 5 seconds…. still working on it!

Benefits of Shirshasana:

  • increase blood circulation in brain and improve memory
  • helps with insomnia
  • improves digestion
  • good for liver disease, headache, poor blood circulation, spine problems
  • improves concentration
  • relaxes your mind
  • releases anxiety
  • stimulates and regulates all body systems


uttanadapasanaUttanapadasana (fish pose)

I like this pose a lot because it does work out your core at the same time.  And the head feels like it’s getting massaged/stimulated.

(Image from a yoga site)

Benefits of Uttanapadasana:

  • strengthens and works out your hip, back, neck, and abdominal muscles
  • increase blood circulation
  • improves digestion system
  • increases the strength of intestines
  • reduces constipation

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or not (I really did not plan this) but we’re having curry tonight 🙂  But it’s not those authentic Indian curry with 100+ spices, it’s just a normal Japanese curry with veggies and chicken and naan bread.  Gotta have those naan bread!!!!

Hope you have a relaxed Thursday 🙂




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