happy humpday wednesday

happy humpday wednesday

Today’s run:

7.65 miles @ 8:47/mi average pace
elevation gain: 358 ft on Garmin, 444 ft on Strava
temperature was super nice- low humidity (didn’t check the percentage, but I know it wasn’t as bad as last week), 70 degrees (not too cold, not too hot. perfect)

This is how it looked:

The run was nice in the beginning.  Again, I had that glorious run going uphill- kept it under 9:10/mi average pace going up and up and up.  I think people who pass by me in their cars think I am hypnotized or something because my eyes are just locked on each “mark” (it’s actually the no parking sign on the light poles, but they are evenly spread apart so it’s perfect for me to focus on) and at the very top of this hill, there are lights shining the neighborhood sign.  I always feel this force pulling me from these lights and I know it’s all in my head, but it makes me go faster at the very end.  Hey, it works!

But once I turned to the flat road to catch my breath before going downhill, I was like hmmm I’m doing great but I’m a little thirsty.

Well, as I was going downhill, I felt that thirst again… and again…

I was kicking myself in the butt for not hydrating well before this run.  I just got up, got ready for the run, made lunch, and I just left.  I didn’t really drink much before leaving the house.  (This is at like 5:20am).

I turned again to go on this one (flat) road that will bring me to this short uphill and then a downhill.  I caught a glimpse of the pittbull I saw the other day, and again, he didn’t have a collar/leash.  Immediately, I ran to the other side of the road with the little energy I had left in me, and kept on going.

I just wanted to get over with the run this morning! Today’s 7.65 miles felt like it was never-ending.  Water never tasted so good!!!!!

This morning at work, I was still feeling a bit queasy and just bleh- I’m assuming it’s because of slight dehydration?  I am drinking water constantly (which means I am getting up more often to go pee).
Make sure to hydrate!!!!
Some good articles on dehydration: Live Strong article
Runner’s World article

Last night’s dinner: Gyoza!
It’s always fun to make gyoza because the kids enjoy making them with me.  But yesterday, (woohoo) my mom actually made all of them before I got home from work.

I like the boiled gyoza but last night, we had it yaki-gyoza. Looks like this:

It’s easy when you have the big hot plate!!

Hope everyone has a nice hydrated humpday 🙂



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