Runday Monday

Today’s run: 
Whippedeedoo! After a bad run on Saturday, it felt great to get back into my faster six mile run 🙂 

6 miles @ 8:33/mi average pace

Elevation gain: 441 ft

Loved charging up the uphill. I think this is one of those very rare runs that I kept a great pace under 9:15/mi going uphill.

I am telling myself I will run 12 miles this weekend.  If I did 11.27 miles, I know I can do 12. 

I saw this cool trail/path that might be flat so I will have to check this out further- hopefully Google will help me find more info on this route! Or even Yelp…

Random photos:

Puakenikeni flowers! They are white in the beginning and turn yellowish orange but the fragrance stays for a couple of days ! 

Chinaman’s hat! On a nice calm day, you can paddle yourself out to the little island and hike and come back! 
We’ll be doing this again soon! Camping trip! 

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