Getting Stronger! non-running days!

happy tuesday

happy tuesday

Today’s non-running accomplishment:

strength training!
30 minutes ab workout (I just followed blogilates 1000 Ab Challenge on my laptop plus a few core workouts)

37 weighted lunges (I don’t know why it’s 37…not 30 or 35 or even 40)

weighted squats series (10 sumo, 10 regular, 10 side bends times 5.5 times)

arm workout with weights

Will be doing my plank later this afternoon.
Normally, I feel strong and pumped up with endorphin but I just didn’t feel like all ready to do a plank after my session.  I’m leaving that planking to this afternoon, just like yesterday.

I do enjoy the fact that I am sweating (at least) once a day.  It’s really detoxifying my body from all unwanted junky stuff and I feel much better lately.  At least compared to last year, I know my body has changed for the better.

Speaking of detox, last night we had cilantro soup and that’s really yummy and healthy.  Does cilantro have any detoxifying effects?  I felt like it….
Big chunks of veggies (onions, cabbage, carrots, long onions) with a whole bunch of cilantro tied together with broth- simplest soup ever but very yummy.  I googled “cilantro soup” and a lot of creamy based soups popped up, but this is strictly non-creamy.  More like veggie soup with clear broth.  We added chives on top too 🙂

Add a little bit of angel hair pasta to the soup and with pepper and garlic soy sauce.

I heard my parents’ surprise when I said I got that bunch of cilantro at the farmer’s market for $1.  They said it costs about $10-12 (I’m just converting it into dollars so it’s easier to understand) in Japan right now.  Let’s just say they really enjoyed this cilantro-full soup last night 🙂

And garlic soy sauce- it’s super easy to make and useful to have one in your fridge.
All you need is a glass jar like this one:

glass jar

Peel a whole bunch of garlic and pour soy sauce.  Let it sit for a couple of days before you use it but I just keep on filling up the soy sauce and keep the garlic in there.  (store in the fridge too!) I use this for all types of things- soup, tofu steak, meats, fried rice, etc.

garlic soy sauce

(I borrowed this image above from another site) It looks just like that, except mine is in the glass jar like the above picture.

Hope y’all have a fun-filled sweaty Tuesday! Don’t forget to sweat once a day!



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