Relax day Sunday

Yesterday afternoon we went up to the North Shore to see some turtles, then went for a stroll around the old Haleiwa town. 

Love this town- quaint and has this slow easy way about this place.

Some yumminess we had:

Bubbies mochi ice cream- the kids love these things.Someone had a bite already before I could take a good photo…anyway, this is the icecream.  Cookies n Mint! 

Then we had our dinner. (Yes, we had dessert before dinner)

Dinner @ Uncle Bo’s.  Luckily we were able to sit outside because unless we have our fleece jackets, we can’t enjoy eating here inside.  It’s freezing cold! But the food is ohhhhhh so delicious.

No runs for me today! No yoga, no exercise.

Just a relaxday Sunday 🙂 

This week’s accomplishment:

Monday: 6.3 miles @ 9:50/mi (Freedom Run race with the family) 

Tuesday: strength training day

Wednesday: 7.54 miles @ 9:00/mi 

Thursday: 5.01 miles @ 8:32/mi

Friday: yoga day

Saturday: 11.27 miles @ 10:08/mi

Sunday: rest day 

I’m going off of my Garmin distance and miles… I feel like I’m cheating if I use Strava data just because it tells me I’m going longer and faster….

Today’s photos:

From the farmers market.

Now off to another new week! 

Argh- it’s a 5-day working week… Why can’t we have 4-day working week every week?!? 

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