Bad run is better than no run! 

Okay I was planning to run 12 miles today. 

That didn’t happen, as you can see. Again, there’s that difference with distance and pace (Garmin: 11.27 miles @ 10:08/mi; Strava: 11.5 miles @ 9:55/mi).

First, my plan to go run in Kailua fell through because we didn’t get out of the house early enough.  Instead, we opted for the Waikele/Waipio area. 

Second, the route was not all flat as I had hoped.  The residential areas were all about uphill and downhill. 

Third, my pace was very very slow.  When we got to the CORPS park, we found some trails and we ran through that.  On a normal good running day, this would’ve been a perfect place to run.  But it was just too damn hot and hilly.  

Fourth, I busted out my long distance Mizuno Sayonar 3 shoes and ran in them.  I haven’t worn those since December’s marathon…. They are definitely more cushioned which mean a little heavier and bulkier than my normal Mizuno hitogami 2 shoes.

Overall, I didn’t finish as strong as I would’ve liked and I didn’t get that high that we both enjoyed last weekend.  

But… Bad run is better than no run! 

And it wasn’t just a normal 5 or 6 mile run, it was 11.27 miles (11.5 on Strava).

Right after the run, we got the smoothie.  Not a local owned smoothie place but this hit the spot. 

After doing some errands, we also got some yummy pie. Yep, all those calories I burned this morning is back in my body! 

For some reason, kids don’t like this pie.  They baked some Choco chip cookies instead.

Now, we’re off to the North Shore to see some turtles and maybe even go for some more yumminess. Ha! 

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