Aloha Friday!


It’s Aloha Friday~
it started off with my own yoga session.

I love the feeling of how my body warms up and stretches out little by little.

Today, this pose felt really great: Maricyasana I

maricyasana i

The girl in the above photo has her arm wrapped around her bent leg- in a hugging way so the knee stays closer to your body, but it’s best to have the arm closer to the shin rather than the knee.
I still have a little hard time putting my nose on my knee/shin area but with practice, I’m hoping to achieve that!

Another favorite pose: Trikonasana

Parivrtta Trikonasana ashtanga teacher training

The above one is a twisted/rotated one, but there’s one that is not twisted that feels amazing.  After doing ab/core workouts for 2 days in a row, it felt great to stretch out those obliques.


So no runs for me today!

I’m hoping to keep my body well hydrated and stretched (and relaxed) for the long run tomorrow.

I have yet to decide where to run.  I came up with 4 ideas-
-Ewa Beach area (very flat but very hot)

Kailua area (a little incline/decline, could get hot, nice views)

-Dillingham/Mokuleia area (flat but hot, may be dangerous with speeding cars and homeless people walking around…)

-Ford Island area (have no idea how the incline/decline situation is, could get hot and humid?, probably not that much to view)

We also have to do the usual errands- grocery shopping! gymnastics class for the kids! farmer’s market! kid’s bday party/BBQ at a friend’s house!

I hope I survive the 12 mile run……I’m nervous! It’s been a while since I ran that much.  Our last half marathon was in April and since then, I have not run more than 10 miles.

Yesterday, we wrote our wishes on pieces of origami paper (that’s how you make tanzaku) and we put them up on our tiny teeny bamboo plant.

Thought I’d share some relaxin photos to start your nice weekend!

Sandy toes salty kisses 🙂Honu! Sea turtle just saying hi to us.  He actually ate the small chips the kids dropped in the water from the boat. 

Tropical fish swimming by our feet! 
Have a safe and relaxing weekend!  

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