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Tanabata Day! Star Festival


Woohoo because I had a great run this morning!

5.01 miles @ 8:32/mi average pace (on my Garmin) but 8:19/mi ave pace on Strava.
I swear my Garmin is acting up a little because my first 0.5 mile split on my Garmin was much slower than my actual pace… I thought it was off yesterday so I kept looking at my watch and I’m running 9:05-9:10/mi for my first 0.5 miles but it says I was at 9:49/mi pace.  Does this happen to everyone?

Even yesterday’s split showed big difference on my Garmin and on Strava:


(Garmin above)

(Strava above)

Today’s splits:

(Garmin above)

(Strava above)

I wonder if it’s because I just hit start on my Garmin and start running right away and it takes a moment (or a few sec) to catch up to my pace? And when it’s calculating, it just calculates the very slow pace that the watch sees while it’s trying to find the pace?

Anyway, I just had this great 5 mile run this morning and it felt great 🙂 The uphill- I did two different uphills today and it felt great to charge up those hills.  I was so determined not to slow down!

I finished it with a 5 min 15 sec modified plank.  I think I made a pool of sweat on the floor (eew) while I was doing my plank.  I was sweating from every pore on my body.

It was 72-74 degrees with 88% humidity level.  It was very “moist” outside!

Today is Tanabata day! Star Festival day!
tanabatatanabata7-730x505You would see these bamboo trees all over the train stations (especially in Hiratsuka, where they are known for this Tanabata festival) with tons of wishes written on the tanzaku pieces of paper.


Our girls used to do this at their kindergarten too back in Japan- I miss this! You get to see some of the funniest wishes kids ask for.  I already saw my friend’s post on FB about her daughter (5 yr old) writing: I hope I can dive in the water without spreading my legs.  (first wish) and she also wrote: I hope my flower blooms. (I guess they planted a new flower in their garden.)

Some of the more adult wishes used to include a lot about getting into their target schools (colleges) because that’s the main goal for students in Japan.  These high school students don’t get summer breaks- they’re cramming every day to study for the entrance exams to get into their dream college.  (That’s why our cousins are not visiting us this summer, or the next summer, or the next summer after that…BOO.  it’s 3 years of high school years and all those summers, he has to study everyday at the cram school.)

Another completely non-running related topic:
Since coming to HI, with this strong UV rays and ocean water and VOG from the Big Island, I’m trying really hard to keep my skin moisturized and protected.  I ran out of my usual cream so I bought these instead- (from Shiseido)

It was the FIRST time in my entire life this has ever happened to me- (FYI I am 33 yrs old) I asked the sales lady about different lines and I pointed at the Ibuki line asking how these are.  She told me, “Oh, that’s for younger people’s skin” and she pointed at the White Lucent line, “This is for your age”…. I wasn’t offended but it just caught me by surprise.  Visitors at work think I am a summer intern (freshly graduated from a high school) because I look so young… and this was the first time that someone has told me I look “older”. ha!

Another great summer side dish:

Cabbage and bean sprouts.  It tastes better when it’s a little cold so after boiling them for a bit, I usually place them in the fridge until I’m ready to eat.  Then I sprinkle the Katsuobushi and eat them with Ponzu. katsuobushi

Very refreshing!

Hope your one-more-day-until-the-weekend day is a happy day 🙂







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