Happy Humpday!

happy humpday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today’s run:

7.54 miles @ 9:00/mi average pace.
slower than normal, but my body was hating me this morning when I first started.  I picked up my pace a little bit but mainly stayed at this slower pace.  But I actually felt strong going that long uphill!

I think my body was still a little worn out from the past weekend’s activities!

Yesterday, I made this really yummy side dish called cauliflower fritters (I don’t know if this is the right name since I didn’t really “fry” anything).

I am horrible at teaching/sharing recipes because I don’t really measure anything when I cook; I go by how I feel or what I like…

But here’s the general-idea-recipe:

cauliflower fritter recipe

Basically, add as much garlic (not too much because you’ll be smelling like garlic for awhile afterwards…like us. oops), add your favorite spices (salt, pepper, chipotle or in our case, we did garlic powder and slap-ya-mama spice), and go easy on the jalapenos if you’re not a very spicy-lover person.  As long as you get a good batter with the egg and flour mixture, you can make some balls, drop them on the hot plate, smash them with the spatula, and cook them until they’re golden brown.

We used these 2 sauces- kind of mixed them together.  The bulldog Tonkatsu sauce (I’m pretty sure you can get this at any Asian market) and the chipotle sauce.  I use this chipotle sauce for our sandwiches too!

It was really tasty.

Next time, I’m going to make 2 mixtures- one with the jalapenos and the other without so the kids can eat them too!

They were so good I think this will be on our dinner table more often!

I forgot to write down last week’s accomplishment so here it goes:

6/27-7/3 week
Monday: strength training and plank

Tuesday: 5.62 miles @ 8:40/mi ave pace, plank

Wednesday: 7.01 miles @ 9:01/mi ave pace, plank, and 6 miles bike ride in the afternoon

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Rest day (ouch day)

Saturday: Rest day (wanted to make sure I was well rested and healed from the pain that I got after doing yoga on Thursday)

Sunday: 10 miles @ 9:26/mi average pace

Weekly total mileage: 22.63 miles

Not too bad but I seriously need to increase my weekly mileage! It’s amazing how much others run in a week.  I just don’t know how else I can add other than cut back on other stuff (like yoga and strength training, which I don’t want to…). I was supposed to go for a run on Friday but that pain was just making me worried and I couldn’t lift my legs.

I am still in search for a good route for this weekend’s 12 mile run.

Oh, and I mentioned about how much I’ve missed Japanese fireworks-
this is just an amazing show of Japanese Fireworks!

Hope your Humpday is a good one 🙂

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