random photos, random thoughts


Happy Tuesday!

Since we came back home really late last night due to traffic from the fireworks, I opted to sleep in instead of doing my strength training this morning.  I am still a little tired from all the running, beach, walking around the fair before the fireworks, and the traffic, overall I am very happy that we got to spend this Fourth of July weekend with people I love 🙂

I do miss the Japanese fireworks though…

Some random photos-

Pikake flowers that my coworker brings in from her back yard.  Smells amazing!

 We’re loving the whole sweet potatoes as a side dish and last week, we tried the Okinawa sweet potatoes.  They were very purple but sweet and yummy.

Does anybody like to eat burdocks?  They are really good for your body- full of fiber.  Any root veggies are known to be healthy in Japan 🙂

campfire smores cone1This smores cone looks pretty messy-free (unless the cones break…).  I tried smores last summer when we went camping for my first time, and they were just too sweet for me.  Kids liked them so maybe we should try this at our next camping trip?

foamypaint1The foam paint looks fun as part of the summer fun!

frozen banana1frozen banana 2

These frozen bananas- gotta try these!!! I saw some of these on different sites but they would make some great post-run snacks if we cover them with crushed peanuts! They look yummy!!!!

Fresh mango from coworker! (I wish we had these fruit trees… they bring mango, papaya, bananas…. no need to buy these fruits)

Catch of the day (and released soon after we took the photo): humuhumunukunukuapua’a

This week’s mission: Find a cool (relatively flat) route to run 12 miles this weekend.  This past Saturday’s 10 mile run in Haleiwa/Mokuleia was a nice run because it gave us a change.  Change in scenery actually makes a big difference on how enjoyable your run can get.

Today’s non-running accomplishment:
I haven’t done it yet, but hope to fit in a strength training session in the afternoon.  I gotta get me some endorphin pumpin in my system!







4 thoughts on “random photos, random thoughts

  1. I almost ran the Honolulu Marathon in 2001 for the Arthritis Foundation. I decided to Dublin instead. I’m on my first week of training for Steamtown in PA. Good Luck with your training. I hope you find a nice place to run 12 miles!


    1. Thank you!!! Perhaps you could still plan for the Honolulu marathon in the future!!
      How was the Dublin marathon?
      Thank you for your words of encouragement 🙂 I’ll be looking at the maps and studying the places where we can run this weekend!


  2. Hi, I just came across your site. The pictures are so vivid and beautiful! This will definitely be on my blog list😉 ! Take care!


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