Happy Fourth of July and the Freedom Run Race 

Two weekend mornings in a row where we woke up before 5 am…. What is wrong with us. 

Our alarms went off at 4:30 am and our oldest daughter also woke up all cheery, ready to get to the race. Ha! Funny how she and I are the morning people and the younger one and the husband/ daddy are the night owls.

Got ready and piled into the car.  (Six of us- us four and my parents)

Those were my bags for today- I had my stuff and the kids’ change of clothes.  This lululemon’s small bag (I forgot the name of this bag…) is amazingly useful.  It’s so handy and organized and lightweight! 

Got to the race in Kailua at 6:20 am, picked up our chip anklets (kids were so excited that they were getting their own anklets), and had enough time to use the bathroom.  

Cute doggies- the kids had some time to pet the dogs!

Had plenty of families with small kids and lots of dogs dressed up with the American flag shirts, bandanas, ribbons, etc.

At 7am, the race started and we all took off.  Initially, the plan was to have the girls run/walk with my parents (70+ years old) for their 5k.  But with all the excitement from the race, the girls just wanted to run with us until their turnaround.  So we left my parents to walk at their pace and us four ran together for the first 1.5 miles. 

Yes, that slowed us both BIG time but I am so proud to say that both girls rocked this.  I ran with the younger one who tends to have a better pace and can keep that pace for longer distance than her older sister.  But they both did amazingly well for their very first 5k! Plus talk about humidity.  The first 1.5 miles was all about humidity- could barely breathe because it was so muggy! 

After they turned around, we went on for our 10k race course.  And surprise, surprise- the air cleared up a bit so the mugginess level went for 10+ to 5 (at least that’s how it felt).

Right after the turnaround was a downhill.  Let’s just say I felt “free”! I just let my legs take me down and I picked up the lost pace soon after this.  

I knew this race wasn’t going to be my PR race because of the first half of the race so I just took this race to enjoy and not relive last year’s horrendous experience by finishing weak and sick. 

I ran at a good pace, leisurely pace, not pushing myself too hard, and I enjoyed looking at the Enchanted Lake, houses around it, and the Olomana Peaks- I was just amazed that we climbed all three peaks of that Olomana Peaks. 

After a couple of uphills, a short downhill, and then a long uphill up to the finish line, I was able to finish with a big smile 🙂 phew! 

My time was slow, of course but I didn’t care.  We got to run with the girls and that’s worth not placing or getting a PR. 


After seeing the results, I came in fourth in my age group! Ahhhhhh if I only knew that I could’ve been third if I had just pushed it hardcore…..haha.  

My husband was sixth in his age group and they had a LOT of his peeps in that age group.  So overall, we both could’ve placed if we didn’t run so slow in the first half, and if we had pushed it harder in the second half of the course.

Note: the highlight of this race was seeing my mother placing second in her age group! Hahahahah 

She was soooo surprised and shocked.

My dad and mom walked fast.  They both enjoyed the race 🙂 Now she can go back to Japan and brag about her medal! 

Sorry-I didn’t get any good photos to post so this really isn’t such a good race recap post!

After the race was the reward time- 

Yumminess overload! 

Is it worth waiting 1 hour to be seated? Totally!!!!!! 

Their pancakes are the BEST! 

Ahhhh the macadamia nut sauce pancakes.


We walked around the town for a bit, got my cream, then went home to unwind and do some laundry! 

We went to go see the fireworks and came back home super late!!!!

Overall it was a great weekend 🙂 hope yours was too! 

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