Haleiwa ten mile run 

Today’s run:

Ten miles @ 9.26/mi average pace 

Wanted to change the route so we actually went to Haleiwa historic town, parked, then took off for the run.

Weather: rain, overcast, a little windy, and more rain. The temperature wasn’t hot which was a blessing cuz it does get hot out there. It was about 72-74 degrees.

Since it was already raining when we started I didn’t bother putting sunscreen on my legs or my arms but sure enough I had the slight running shorts tan! 

Relatively flat, muddy and puddly here and there, gorgeous mountain views, and occasional ocean view. We even came across three honu (sea turtles) just swimming around and poking their heads out the water to say hi.

Wanted to take this as a slow easy run and not kill us with trying to go fast so it was a great run until I got the major side stitch again at the very end.  

Very gloomy but it was a nice view- the lush green. 

And after a wet ten mile run, we walked back to the truck (just a mile or so out) and got ourselves some cold pressed pineapple juice @ Lanikai Juice.

I found pebbles in between my toes, muddy toes, twigs, even feathers, and dirt on my legs. 

We could’ve went further than ten miles if I just didn’t get the damn side stitch (which happened right after I stopped to snap a photo- should not have stopped!) and if this wasn’t our first time doing longer distance in awhile…. It’s been forever since we went ten miles. 

Hopefully next week, we can do 11-12 mile run on the weekend again! Gotta plan where to run 🙂

Now off to the beach to look for some sea creatures.

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