Muddy trails (from 2 years ago) @ Maunawili Falls Trail

So this is from two years ago and we need to go hike this trail again… Like real soon so we can decide whether to drop out from the race we signed up or keep our place and try (at least run/hike) this race that will probably leave us all muddy and worn out.

We signed up for this once race in August- it’s called the Maunawili out-n-back 22 mile race.  

It’s a relay so we can sign up as a team of two (each do 11 miles) or do the entire 22 miles.  Seasoned trail runners have told us it takes about the same time as their full marathon (on the road) if not longer.

Here are some photos from the hike we did two years ago- and we’ve done this at least two or three times more before (when we were here before).

It’s very muddy.  

We have to go through streams at least two or three times and sometimes it’s up to your knees.

The rocks are slippery.

Overall it’s a great hike but we’ve never done the full 11 miles up to the top, and this race is coming down from the top- then back up (total of 22 miles).

The hikes we’ve done at Maunawili was just 5 miles? Maybe 6? But it’s nothing compared to what we are bout to get ourselves into…..

So we need to go on this hike again.

The above photos don’t do justice.  The views are just amazing, and the challenge! Oh it definitely challenges your balance, stability, and stamina! And this, again, is just a portion of the entire trail…..

What was I thinking, signing myself up and my husband for this race?!?!?

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