Humpday afternoon 

Addition to the previous happy Humpday post:

Did another 6+ mile bike ride with the husband (initially it was planned for a 3 mile bike ride to the store) then became a long one to the nursery and then back up to the house.  Couple of hills which we killed! Ohhhh our quads were definitely burnin! 

Main reason why our bike ride was extended- burn off those calories cuz we had some yummy treat!!! Ah the mocha freeze @ Green World Coffee Farm.  

And lemonades for the kids @ Aloha Lemonade. 

Also had some yummy lunch @ Maui Mikes.  Their chicken sandwiches are amazing! I had the spicy one and baked beans on the side.  Trying to stay away from French fries.

And another bonus to today: 

Parents flew in from Japan which means more yumminess, books for the kids, etc. we are spoiled! Got some more stocks on our pens (yes, we love stationery from Japan too much), napkins (sanitary napkins for me- I cannot stand the ones out here), condiments, magazines, kids toothpaste, etc. 

Now off to making some dinner 🙂

Menu: teppanyaki! 

(Plus meat) 

I love teppanyaki cuz we get to eat a lot of veggies and to finish off, we cook up some yakisoba noodles.

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