Happy Wednesday, Hump Day

Aloha- it’s Humpday Wednesday 🙂

Today’s run: 7.01 miles @ 9:01/mi average pace.  It was a SLUGGISH run….
I went up this one hill- overall, it’s all incline but throughout this incline, there were 3 major inclines and I didn’t lose my (slower than normal) pace and I conquered all of them. I feel good about that but at the same time, coming down, I just didn’t “feel” it.  The joy of coming down finally after going up and up and up.

I don’t regret going out for the run this morning, but maybe it was the time?  I started later than normal so perhaps the sun blinding me as I was going up didn’t help?

Or the humidity- it was like 70%+.  Throughout, it drizzled a bit and then would stop- that’s the worst part is the sun coming out to heat up the wet roads… it felt like running in a sauna.

Did my 5 min 15 sec modified plank (I forced myself to do this today) and my body felt like it weighed a ton.  Was it something I ate last night that’s making me feel so sluggish? I can definitely feel my body trying to detoxify- I’m sweating a ton, going to the bathroom a lot (this makes me feel like a guy- I think they are like those baby dolls where you feed/give them water and they pee /poo right away).  Anyway, I just need to get over this feeling and be ready for the weekend run and the Monday’s 10K in Kailua!

The cold water and oranges never tasted better after this morning’s run.  Why did Costco stop selling the Cara Cara oranges?  They were the best! Juicy and sweet.

The other day, I got to see some Hula performance at work.  I would love to take classes on Hawaiian culture and language if I could- I’m jealous my kids get to at school! They taught me some colors and stories about Pele and other Hawaiian gods.  It’s quite interesting!

The above instrument is called the Ipu.  They used it like a drum while dancing.

The Hula performance was really beautiful.  As with any traditional dance, it has a lot of history behind it.  I won’t go into detail until I do more research about it, but I just wanted to let you know that if you have a chance to go see one, you should.  It’s quite different from the shows (like the Luau shows)- it’s peaceful and graceful.  The teacher who played the ukulele and chanted was just amazing.  My youngest daughter keeps on asking for a ukulele for her bday (the list changes every single day but this one has stayed on the list for awhile now) so maybe it’s time we look for a nearby ukulele lesson? At least it’s not like a flute or a violin where we will have to ask her to practice in the playroom 😉

 Hope everyone has a nice humpday 🙂

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