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Feeling nervous! And a teeny bit of 2015 HNL marathon story

Today’s run:

5.62 miles @ 8:40/mi average pace.
no crazy hills
pretty flat (I chose this route on purpose today)
main goal was to keep a consistent pace that was a little faster and harder than normal…but my pace was all over the place.  How can I increase my speed AND keep a consistent pace for like 3-4 miles straight?  The first 0.5miles is always slow for me and if I go out too fast, I know I end up with a side stitch (or two).

I felt good with this pace though.  I felt like I was running at a good pace, a little hard, but I think I could’ve pushed myself a little harder/faster if I really wanted to get that speed. I’m always scared to go too fast because of the “what if”s…. what if I just get so tired that I cannot get back home on time, what if I feel sick again, what if I get the major side stitch and ruin the run all together, etc.  I need to clear my mind off of these “what if”s…

This is how it looked:


I also looked at my calendar and realized that I have 25 more weeks until the Honolulu Marathon if I count this week as week 1. Since I am still a newbie, I know I should get off my butt and start my training sooner rather than later. But at the same time, if I start too soon, then I’m wondering if I will get fatigued from all these long runs and just lose the whole motivation to run this race. I guess most people don’t even have this thought process because they’re so determined to run the race (and maybe even go for their PR).

I always wonder, am I fit to run such long distance?  Should I just keep it to 13.1 miles and not go further?  I also know deep down that I will feel like I’m missing out if I just say, nah, I’m not gonna do this marathon.
One of the main reason why I started reading through a bunch of very motivational and inspirational blogs by these amazing runners out there is so that I won’t lose my motivation.  When I read them, I feel like I CAN run a marathon and still be able to enjoy it rather than suffer through the entire 26.2 miles.

I don’t have enough photos to share about last year’s Honolulu Marathon, but I was very cautious, very conservative, and just wanted to be able to finish strong instead of finishing weak.  So I walked through the water aid stations, I walked a little here and there, and I ran.  I ran until mile 16-17 nonstop (other than the aid station parts) and then did that whole walk-run-walk-run thing.  That wasn’t part of my plan but I just did NOT want to feel sick and let it ruin my whole experience.  It was an amazing feeling to finish the marathon and I know I got that crazy runner’s high from it.

Oh, and this year, we will remember to book a hotel closer to the finish line.  Last year, we booked a hotel at very very very end of the Waikiki stretch.  That was just a long walk back from the finish line.  We were hobbling back.

It makes me really nervous just thinking about the marathon and I am (already) not looking forward to those long runs on the weekends….

Ahhh pinterest, please give me more motivational quotes to pin on my board!

My coworker gave me this cute burlap bag (and a few other things in there).  Since we don’t have a Trader Joe’s on this island (I wish we did!!!) this bag is precious.  I cannot wait to use this at the next Farmer’s Market!!! 




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