Happy Monday

This past weekend marked the “6 months til Christmas” and I guess up in the North side of this island, people were already popping fireworks. Gotta get in the spirit!
People out here go out of their way to get these fireworks and spend some $$$$ on them.  (Note, I didn’t just put $$, instead I put a four $$$$ marks because that’s how much they spend, a couple of grand easy)

Look at the mango! My coworker brought a whole bunch in from her house; said they’re growing like crazy in her yard. I can’t wait to make some fresh mango banana smoothie! 

Today’s exercise:  no runs for this mama.

Strength training morning!

  • I started off with a brief moment of meditation on my mat, then did my stretches, and then started my core workout.

I mixed up a little bit today but I just need to find some more good core workouts! I felt the burn but not enough!

  • 30 lunges with weights (20lb weight)
  • sumo squats, regular squats, side bend (10 each on all 3 exercises, 5 rounds, the 5th round I did 15 each) and I made sure I went as LOW as I could with each squat.  Oh, and this is with my single 20lb weight in my hands again.
  • 5 min 15 sec modified plank
  • Russian twist
  • more double leg raises
  • Sun Salutation A and a bit of B.

The end.

So…… I mentioned how I was surprised? shocked? at how much we’ve spent on races this year.  Well….. my 70+ year old parents mentioned how it would be cool to do the 5k race here in HI….. I couldn’t resist.

They’ll be here soon and there will be a Freedom Run 1mile, 5k, 10k run in Kailua on Fourth of July.  Perfect timing!

I signed us all up 🙂 Ended up costing a total of $137.79 (includes the protection fee just in case we decide not to run this).  By “all of us”, I mean our little family of 4 plus my parents so 6 people total. Sigh. This means I just spent over $1000 for this year’s race budget!  

 It’s a small, very local race, and we did this last year too.  It was horrendous….

I was so not ready for this race nor the heat.  It was HOT in Kailua…. like super HOT and I had no solid training plans or hydration plans for running in the heat.  I ended up finishing very weak.  I hated that finish! It went up the hill to the finish line and I felt so nauseous. I never had that experience before!  We had brunch at our favorite place, Kalapawai Deli afterwards but I couldn’t even enjoy it.  Normally, the smell would make me drool over everything there but it just got me more nauseous. Argh.

I hope this year’s Freedom Run will be fun and easy.  I was planning on a 10-12 mile run (probably 10 miles… hehe 🙂 ) in Haleiwa the day before.  So this 10k should be a nice relaxing run.  Plus, I now know better about proper hydration and how to pace myself.

This is the course:

This means that we’ll be in Kailua next Monday so I can go get my favorite butter cream from Lanikai Bath and Body! Hooray! 

What is for dinner tonight?

Lots of colorful veggies w/penne and chicken & egg miso whatever-you-want-to-call-it dish (chicken-tamago miso-ni is what I call this dish). It’s got a hint of kimchi spice mixed in with miso.  It’s super delicious 🙂  The egg actually changes in color as you let it just simmer for awhile- change in color means it soaked up the yummy broth.

Tomorrow should be a fun run for me- not too much, just enough distance to get me all sweaty and detoxified! 





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