one yummy afternoon…

After doing our grocery shopping (I didn’t get to go to the Japanese market…), we decided to spend our afternoon in the kitchen.

First, we made this tower of cookies.  Chocolate chip and cornflake cookies- even though we liked it, the kids- not so much.  They didn’t really like the cornflake in their cookies.

Then, we made the pizza dough, let it rise, and then made our spinach and artichokes pizza.

Don’t mind the very uneven shape of this pizza…. We always roll in some strips of organic mozzarella cheese in the crust. 

The girls even made their miniature pizza right next to our humongous pizza πŸ™‚

That’s how we spent our Saturday afternoon!

As I was filling up the girls’ hydroflasks, I thought, how many did my youngest go through?  We (the rest of us, so three of us) have been having the same hydroflask/water bottle for awhile now…. for some (unknown) reason, she either forgets hers somewhere, or someone mistakenly (!!!) takes hers and never brings it back to school.

I always put our favorite brand Patagonia’s stickers on our bottles.  I even sharpie mark with their names…
It’s weird that in Hawaii, the hydroflask gets stolen more than your $300 sunglasses that’s sitting right next to your bottle.  I would never want to take someone else’s bottle and drink out of it! To me, that’s super gross.  That happened to my husband’s hydroflask.  He had his bottle, his very expensive sunglasses, and other things in the wagon and the only thing that was stolen was his bottle.

I gotta go get us some more stickers for her bright yellow bottle now.

I really hope she doesn’t lose this one…

Speaking of spending a fortune on replacing water bottles, I thought for future reference, it would help to keep track of how much we spend on races in a year.  I created a simple Google sheet to keep track of races with dates, due dates, cost, etc.  I couldn’t believe we’ve spent $943.89 for this year (this includes the future races for the rest of the year).  Unless we sign up for the Gunstock Half Marathon, it’ll remain this much until 2017.  But if we do, then it’ll go over $1000.  Is this normal?!? FYI, it is for 2 people so I guess if you think of it, it’s a little shy of $500 per person. But still, it seems like a lot.

And, we also spend money on babysitters, running shoes, gears, clothes, etc. so overall, I think we’re spending at least $1500 if not more.  Then again, we’re spending money on this instead of eating out, drinking, movies, etc.  We do go out to the movies once in a blue moon, and sometimes we’ll eat out but not so much.  I do enjoy my time in the kitchen.

People say, running is free! it’s a very inexpensive hobby! yes, I agree but it does cost a little (or a lot…ha).

I’d say, it’s all for the better.  We’re staying healthy, fit, and happy.  It makes us enjoy nature more and being able to eat all the yumminess until we’re content.  Plus, I don’t feel so guilty eating those delicious ice creams πŸ™‚ and having the mocha freeze at the Coffee Farm!  ah. then Green World Coffee Farm




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