Getting Stronger! non-running days!

One more day…

One more day until….the weekend~! I normally dread Thursday afternoons because I feel like I’m ready for the weekend but it’s not the weekend yet…and I have ONE more full day before I can finally say- hooray it’s the weekend 🙂

Today’s exercise:

Strength Training Day.

-Ab workout (bunch of leg raises, stability ball (pikes, push-ups), ballerina sit-ups, Russian twists)

-40 lunges while holding a 20lb weight

-Series of squats (10 sumo, 10 regular, 10 side bends (this is for my obliques) while holding the 20lb weight= this is 1 set, so I do 5.  But today, I added 5 extra on my last round)

-5 min 10 sec plank (modified: 40 sec. of spiderman plank, 20 sec. of mountain climber, 45 sec. of side plank on each side, 30 sec. of regular plank, 20 sec of single leg raised plank on each leg, 20 sec of regular plank again, 60 sec of shoulder tap plank, 10 sec. of regular plank) I don’t like doing the forearm plank so my plank is on my hands.

-arm workout with the 20lb weight.

I have no idea why we only have ONE 20lb weight and not a set of two weights………I am dying to find a cheap set of weights that are like 10lbs or even 8lbs so I can expand my shoulder and arm workouts but I’m being patient.

Oh, and I also added Sun Salutation A in between my ab workout and the leg workout.  It felt great and I wanted to keep going with yoga but I knew I would run out of time if I did that.  I really wanted to throw in my strength training today and leave my yoga to this weekend.

This is my favorite drink and I don’t get this often but only when I feel like I want to splurge on a drink: 

tomorrow- I am going to get my run in with sprint intervals!



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