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Aloha Friday!

It’s Aloha Friday~ no work til Monday~.  (I love listening to this song on the radio on Friday mornings)

Today’s Run: 5.52 miles @ 8:56/mi average pace.  Not as fast as I thought but my whole body felt super heavy and tired this morning when I took off.  Not much elevation gain because I only went halfway up the usual route (the long hill, can’t avoid this when you live in this area).

But I tried a new thing where I went to the district park and did some sprints on the grass.

People say when you run, you go into this zen-like status and don’t think about anything…but that never happened with me.  I think of a gazillion things when I’m running- from weather, how beautiful the sky is, how gorgeous the mountains are today, to why is it raining, to ahhhh the  rain feels so good, hmmm I didn’t see the usual old guy today, I have to take out the salmon/chicken/beef/(whatever food) out of the freezer, to all sorts of different things.

Today, I actually did not think of anything when I was sprinting.  I wondered (later), is this what these people were talking about? You think of nothing? Honestly, I don’t think I had the time or strength to think of anything but to run… I was pretty amazed at how fast my legs were going round and round, kind of like a cartoon figure… but of course, I couldn’t keep it up for that long so I would sprint from point A to point B, jog, then do it again.  I think I did this like 5 or 6 times… I don’t even remember.

I didn’t want to end my run with just 4 miles today so I went up the hill again and came back down to finish at 5.52 miles.

When I looked at my stats, I thought my Garmin was wayyyy off because my best pace said 3:40/mi.  I was like haha, there’s no way, but maybe that was when I was sprinting!

I also finished my run with a 5 min plank again.  I’ve been making sure to do this plank after my runs (when time permits).  Ages ago, I read from a blog on Lululemon’s website that the group of runners (I guess Lulu’s running group) would always end their runs with a plank.  I think this helps me with having a strong core because most of the times, when I run in the morning, I don’t have time to do anything else but just squeeze in that plank time.

Felt good and a great way to start my Aloha Friday 🙂

The kids have been camping out in our backyard.  They’re having too much fun and after all that work of setting up a tent, I’m glad they’re enjoying themselves.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!!


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