Happy Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday- two more days till the weekend–! (What the radio station at KSSK was saying this morning)

Today’s run: 7.6 miles @ 8:48/mi average pace, elevation gain 397 ft.

It started off with a hiccup- not even a minute into my run, my hair band snapped and my wild hair was all over the place.  I couldn’t run like that so I had to turn around and get another hair band.  Note to myself: always have a spare on me.

This is the first time ever seeing a stray pitbull dog.  It seemed very happy, smelling the grass and flowers- but there was no one around him.  I didn’t know whether he would attack if I ran by him, so I crossed over to the other side of the street to keep on going.

Overall it was another great run this AM.  My legs definitely felt tired during the run as I got to the top of the hill.

I wanted to share some of our hiking adventures on this island.
So far, we’ve hiked:
1. Lanikai Pillbox 

2. Kuliouou Ridge Hike

3. Makapu’u Lighthouse

This is Pele’s chair.

4. Diamond Head

5. Koko Crater Railway Trail

6. Aiea Loop (hiked this once, ran this trail two times so far)

7. Olomana Trails (all three peaks conquered!!!!!!!!

I think the best and the scariest experience was #7, the Olomana Hike. There were rope climbing, rock climbing, holding onto our dear lives, you name it.  And it was the best experience because we did this on our 10th wedding anniversary.  Yes, that’s how we spent our anniversary, doing adventurous stuff!

As you can see, these three peaks are all very difficult to climb, to hold onto, and to balance. It was definitely a challenge and tested your bravery!!!!!

I know that in the future, I would love to go on this hike: Na Pali Coast and if we can get that state permit, then go further to the Kalalau Hike (part of this Na Pali Coast).

There is so much history behind this beautiful Na Pali Coast and I know we would truly be amazed at the views and the challenges.  Seems like the difficulty level of this hike is pur-etty high.  To get to the Kalalau Trail, it’s a 11 mile hike and you need a state permit.  We would also have to watch the weather closely and make sure we don’t get stranded because of the gushing river that would prohibit us from crossing over to the other side.

So far, all the hikes except for #5 & #7 were done as a family- I’m definitely proud to say that our girls have the strength and stamina to hike! The Koko Head Railway trail is a little sketchy because of all the high climbing and loose railway.  I wouldn’t want to see one of the girls getting helicoptered out!! (Which happens more often on these trails than you’d imagine.)

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Humpday Wednesday 🙂 




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