Race Recap

Great Aloha Run and Keiki Great Aloha Run

Known as the “GAR” in Hawaii, this race attracts a lot of racers because it is a very cool race.  It’s a 8.15 mile course, relatively flat, and goes from the Aloha Tower to the Aloha Stadium.  There are groups of military men and women running in cadence (they do take up a lot of the road too so it is a little challenging going around them especially when the road gets a little narrow).

AlohaRun2014 map final

2016 GAR was my first time running this race, and it was the next race after the Honolulu Marathon in December.  This race is always on the President’s Day in February so it was a good timing too.  Not too soon after the full marathon and I still had time to just rest for a week or so before getting back into running again.

Challenge: going around the military groups running in cadence.  They have a very slow pace but it’s a huge group of over 5000 men/women.  It can get a little hot too, especially on Nimitz highway.

Reward: cute shirt, it’s relatively flat so you can definitely pace yourself at a good time, and there are tons of people to “people-watch”.  I like doing that when I’m running- it gets my mind off from the tiredness or pain or whatever that’s annoying me.

I think this was the most enjoyable race! There were so many people dressed up- like a team of runners holding the Chinese dragon!

So this race happens on a Monday- since President’s Day is on a Monday.  2 days prior, on a Saturday before the GAR, there is a Keiki GAR.  Our girls have done this twice so far, and both times, they enjoyed the 2 mile run.  We even get some goodie bags for participating and last year, they even got a small stuffed bear (not this year).

There are tons of kids at this race and there are a number of schools that sign up for this race.  It is a very cool event and I hope more and more kids come out and run with everyone 🙂


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