Heavenly smell of puakenikeni

The heavenly smell of puakenikeni.  I wish there was a way to deliver the smell to everyone instead of just talking about how fragrant it is.
Whenever I run up the 1.8 miles of just constant uphill, at the very top, there is a street where a bunch of puakenikeni trees are lined along the sidewalk.  When I’m lucky, I find some good ones on the side walk.  This is my “treat” for charging uphill nonstop šŸ™‚ 

Today’s run- 6 miles on the dot @ 8:48/mi average pace (on my Garmin) but my Strava app says otherwise- 6.1 miles @ 8:38/mi average pace. To me, I’d love to take the 8:38/mi pace but I know I feel like I’m cheating if I do that, so I will go ahead and use the 8:48/mi pace for my own record.

See the difference between Garmin and Strava? I wonder if I’m the only one with such difference…. But there’s no way I was running that slow in my first 0.5 miles. 

 Good run, no rain, no crazy trade winds, just humid- really really humid at 5:40 am.  It was just around my neighborhood but I got to see the pinkish bluish sky with sunrise over the mountains and it was gorgeous again.


As I was making the obento lunches this morning, I felt this pang of guilt- before I started working full time, I was able to wake up at 5 am, spend that morning to make some really cute obentos like this:

But now, the girls’ obentos look like this:

 The older one wants to put her own furikake on the rice so I leave it alone.
The girls never complained at how their lunches are not so “cute” anymore, and they always come home with empty lunchboxes so I am very grateful for that.

I used to be quite creative with their lunches too.  Especially for their field trip days, I tried to go along with the theme of the month (Feb- Valentine’s so hearts everywhere, Oct- Halloween, Dec- Christmas, etc.). 

Anyway, I do like the fact that I can bring my own lunch and that my husband has some healthy home made obento lunches/dinner everyday he goes to work.  I also cannot imagine wasting money on eating out every day for lunch (that’s where my Asian stingy- personality comes into play. haha)
Another reason why I like to make our own lunches is because I make sure we’re getting the right portion and right nutrition.  In Japanese schools, they teach the children “Shoku-iku” or the study of food from an early stage, even in kindergarten.  Normally, schools have their own cafeteria where the cafeteria ladies cook the lunch (Kyushoku- school lunch in Japan) for the day from early in the morning, before the kids come to school; everything is calculated- portion, nutrition, where the foods come from, etc.  And the kids take part in getting the food for their class from the cafeteria, bring them up to their class, serve, eat together, and clean up.  Because we live in HI and we don’t have that system here (yes, they do have school lunches at their school, but it is VERY different from what the girls experienced in Japan) we opted to send them (and us) with my obento lunches everyday.  It does get tiring, and it does take a lot of time to cook and prep and clean up, but I think it is worth it.
I hope that one day, the girls will really appreciate the effort I am putting in šŸ™‚

Tomorrow, I’ll talk more about my run for the day and topics about hiking adventures in HI.  Much Mahalos šŸ™‚


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