Monday Blahday

Today is just a rainy gloomy day in Hawaii.  So I named it Blahday- I’m pretty sure everyone has one of those days….

No runs, no yoga (which I really should’ve practiced), no strength training.  My whole body said nope to any slightest movement! I guess dodging cow poo, running up grassy hills, and roots & rocks just got my whole body worn out plus…. I was jumping over the waves with my daughter yesterday like there was no tomorrow.  Talk about thighs workout! All the jumping- I guess I am not young anymore! (FYI- I’m in the female age group of 30-34 group for another year or so 😏)

Soooooo nothing to report today in terms of runs. 

Instead of today’s accomplishment, I thought I would share my experience at the Pineapple Run that I did this year. 

It is up in Wahiawa- close to north shore but before you reach Haleiwa town.  It is only a 10k course- nothing less, nothing more.  Talk about the view and the reward! 

The best part of this race was the not so demanding hill and the beautiful downhill.  When I say beautiful downhill, it’s a nice long downhill with the views of the Waianae range and it is oh-so-gorgeous.  I see this view from where I run normally but not like this. 

Second best thing about this race- every runner gets a pineapple from the Dole plantation! And a cute medal for the first 800 finishers. 

This is one race I will definitely love to sign up again and again! I also got my PR on this one too! 10k, 54:36, 201 ft elevation gain. 

This was my first race where I had my own cheerleading squad- my husband and our girls were there with signs.  It was very motivating to know that I had people waiting for me at the finish line. 

Does everyone have a cheerleading squad for your races? 

What is the best reward you ever got from a race? 

I’ll post more race info on these Blahdays! 

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