Saturday Restday

I am taking a rest day today! 

This week’s accomplishment:

Monday: 4.03 miles @ 9:01/mi average pace. Usually my Monday runs are shorter runs just because I want to get my body back into the whole running mode! 

Tuesday: yoga day!

Wednesday: 7.65 miles @ 8:53/mi average pace.  Typically there is one day out of a week where I take a “mommy’s day off from making obento lunches” so I make sandwiches for lunch.  Sandwiches= less time needed= longer distance can be accomplished 🙂 

Thursday: strength training day! 40 weighted lunges, 65 sumo squats, 65 regular squats, ab workout, and stretching

Friday: 6:07 miles @ 8:43/mi average pace. Hooray even with the obento making, I still was able to squeeze in a 6- miler.  Feeling good!!

Saturday: rest day! 

Sunday: Xterra Star Fun Trail Run (10k). Pretty excited about this one! Will be taking photos throughout so I am not going to worry about time. 

The course is like this:

Looking at the pace of my runs this week, I’m feeling proud to see some improvements.  Last year when I started running, my pace was in the 10:00-9:30 range and sometimes I would “fly” by getting an average pace of 9:20.  But now, my “fly”ing pace will be like 8:45.  Such a big difference (at least for me! Haha).

Since I normally go to the farmers market on Sunday mornings, I decided to check out the new farmers market today.  We went to the Pearlridge Farmers’ Market.

Interesting information about how to keep our rose bush healthy! 

Tons of fresh veggies! 

I’ve never seen this kind of fruit before! It’s called Jack Fruit.  The lady said you can boil or roast the seeds too.

This was an amazing area- kept our kids entertained while we shopped. They made cards for the Father’s Day and crowns for themselves. 

Pretty sunflowers! Ours never got this vibrant and pretty…

He entertained the whole market.

Yummy bakery goods!

Yesterday, we had the chance to go out to dinner w/o the kids. So we went to Monkeypod.

We had our usual: 

Garlic fries, pumpkin ravioli, Kauai shrimp & Hamakua mushroom dim sum, Bourgeois pizza, and drinks (they have good selection of IPAs for beer drinkers, and fresh juice for people like me).

Too bad we forgot to take pictures 😦 

Overall, I think I had a good week with the runs, yoga, and strength training.  Now gotta prepare for tomorrow’s race and a beach day afterwards! 

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